DUCAT – Compact disc harrows


In recent years the aim of stubble cultivation has been changed from weed control to incorporation of the fallen seeds and crop residues, as there is a lot of long and non uniform straw on the field after min-till.

DUCAT disc harrow is indispensable in such conditions.

The DUCAT compact disc harrows are highly-efficient implements, presented as a full range with working widths from 2,5 m to 16,75 m.


DUCAT disc harrow is the most suitable for stubble cultivation. It provides intensive mixing of the soil and vegetation at a depth from 3 to 14 cm. Design and position of working tools ensure high-quality seedbed preparation, making possible considerable expansion of the compact disc harrow application area in agriculture, increase of its annual capacity and operation efficiency.


Dukat.jpg — Advantages of 3D spring tine

• minimum 20% reduce of fuel consumption (reduced draught);
• 3D-protection of the bearing unit when hitting any obstacles, which prevents damage of discs, bearings, tines and frame;
• uniform cultivation depth as the harrow doesn't raise when one of the discs hits an obstacle;
• disc self-cleaning, which ensures efficient operation on the wet soil.

Working tools attack angle is 20˚. Entry angle is 12˚

Dukat_5.jpg — Good contours following for perfect cultivation

Application of the different following systems with uniform distribution of loads on the working tools allows efficiently operating on fields with complex contours.

Design of the DUCAT provides precise depth control and good levelling.

Dukat_6.jpg — Premium class discs

Discs with diameter of 566 mm are made of high-quality hardened boron steel.

Discs spacing of 125 mm and low-frequency lateral tine vibrations provide cultivated seedbed, even by depth and without deep furrows.

Dukat_2.jpg — Superreliable three-level bearing protection

DUCAT disc harrows are equipped with original superreliable bearing units. HARP AGRO UNIT is a maintenance-free bearing unit, optimized for application in agricultural machinery.

HARP AGRO UNIT has three-level protection (labyrinth cutter; high-quality cassette sealing; integrated reinforced lip-type sealing).

Dukat_5.jpg — Maintenance-free bearings

Fully sealed bearing with high-quality Chevron grease, which does not require additional lubrication for the entire life cycle.

Dukat_9.jpg — Protection of bearing from aggressive external impacts

Massive forged housing provides high durability and reliability of the unit, as well as maximum stability under all operating conditions. Bearing is located along the pull line, which reduces its absorbed loads.

Dukat_3.jpg — Roller maintenance-free bearing unit

Bearing unit of the roller is maintenance-free for entire service life due to high-quality cassette sealings and HARP-AGRO fully sealed bearings. Roller axles are mounted on the cage by means of rubber buffers, which additionally reduce absorbed loads of the bearing unit.

Dukat_1.jpg — Anti-blockage rod-cage roller

The roller has no central axle, thus there is no roller blockage even under overwatered and weed infestation conditions.

Dukat_7.jpg — Solved furrow problem

Due to mounting of bearing unit on the other side of tine, the problem of furrow after the outer disc is solved (additional parts are not necessary).

Dukat_6.jpg — Optional:

Spring teeth in front of the discs for uniform distributing of the stubble remains (including windrowed) on the field.

Spring teeth in front of the roller prevent penetration of soil from the second disc row into the roller and its blockage during high-speed operation, and additionally break large soil particles into smaller ones.

Baffle plates between the front and rear disc rows control the soil flow, form an optimal mulch cover and soil fraction.

More advantages

Design of the DUCAT provides precise depth control and good levelling. Application of the different following systems with uniform distribution of loads on the working tools allows efficiently operating on fields with complex contours.

Full line — wide range of DUCAT compact disc harrows

DUCAT compact disc harrows are presented in a full range with working widths from 2,5 m to 16,75 m.


Compact disc harrows with working widths of 2,5, 3 and 4 m are mounted implements with solid frames, which are simply transported and don’t require additional adjustment.

The implements are maintenance-free (without any lubrication points), which is quite convenient for small farms. There is noting to lubricate, adjust or tighten. By purchasing such implement the farmer significantly improves tillage efficiency, while reducing the costs.


Compact disc harrows with working widths of 5 and 6 m are foldable aggregates, which are designed for the most popular tractors of 150-250 hp. When folding to transport position, two semi-frames are lifted vertically and the chassis move down. Transport width of 3 m corresponds to European requirements, and provides high manoeuvrability and smooth ride by Ukrainian farm and public roads.

The DUCAT-5 and DUCAT-6 have increased discs spacing in longitudinal direction and increased disc load capacity (about 100 kg), which improve the quality of cultivation – from 3 to 14 cm. Thus they can also pass through the heavy soil with bigger amount of crop residues.


A working width of 8 m can be achieved by application of the DUCAT-8 or two pieces of the DUCAT-4, mounted to the THALER system carrier. These are two different implements.

Main advantage of the DUCAT-8, compared to configuration on the base of the THALER system carrier, is higher load, absorbed by disc (100 kg against 65 kg), which allows operating in the harsh soil conditions with hard surface and big amount of crop residues and weeds. DUCAT-8 is not conventionally foldable. It is transported in cross direction (relatively to operating position) by means of two hydraulically controlled hitch frames: the main one and side transport one. Dimension in transport position is 4 m.

THALER-8 with two mounted harrows DUCAT-4 – is a complex consisting of the system carrier and two mounted standard implements with working widths of 4 m. The main advantage of this complex is high universality and maneuverability. Folding takes several seconds, and the transport width is only 3 m. Mounted implements can be also used individually. For example, the DUCAT-4 can be easily removed from the THALER-8 system carrier and coupled to the tractor with power from 130 hp. Then you can mount two other implements with working width of 3,5…4,2 m and get wide-coverage machine with working width of 7…8,4 m.


DUCAT-12 and DUCAT-16 are the biggest aggregates in the range of compact disc harrows.

In addition to all advantages of this series – highest performance, economy, field contours following – the DUCAT-12 has very compact transport width – only 3 m.

Specially for the DUCAT-12 there was designed a side frames folding system, which is fundamentally different from the systems, realized in the DUCAT-8 and DUCAT-16. DUCAT-12 is an optimal wide-coverage machine for tractors from 350 hp.


DUCAT-16 with working width of 16,75 m is the biggest aggregate in the LOZOVA MACHINERY range of harrows and the best solution for big agricultural companies, oriented to large-scale cultivation.

The most powerful harrow in the world!

With the working width of 16,75 m this aggregate can cultivate up to 500 ha per day!!! And transport width is only 4 m.

TECHNICAL DATA Ducat 2,5 Ducat 3 Ducat 4 Ducat 5 Ducat 6 Ducat 8
(based on Thaler)
Ducat 8  Ducat 9    Ducat 12 Ducat 16
Working width, m 2,5 3 4 5,25 6,25 8,25 8,25 9,25 12,25 16,75
Tractor power, hp to 80 to 100 to 130 to 150 to 170 to 250 to 250 to 300     to 350 to 400
Coupling with tractor mounted mounted mounted semimounted semimounted semi-trailed
Basic weight, kg 1040 1330
4497 6006
8286       9431 9910
Number of discs 20 24 32 42 50 66 66 74 98 134
Disc diameter, mm 566 566 566 566 566 566 566 566  566 566
Overload protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection 3D-protection  3D-protection 3D-protection
Operating depth, cm 3-12 3-12 3-12 3-14 3-14 3-12 3-14 3-14  3-14 3-14
Operating speed, km/h 10-17 10-17 10-17 10-17 10-17 10-17 10-17 10-17  10-17 10-17
Efficiency, ha/h till 3,09 till 3,7 till 4,95 till 6,49 till 7,73 till 10,50 till 10,50 till 11,60  till 15,29 till 20,29
Fuel consumption, l/ha 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5  4,5 - 5,5 4,5 - 5,5
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 2456х2691 х1450 2456х3000 х1617 2456х4190 х1550 5789х3000 х3210 5789х3000
5630х3086 х3723 6832х3000х2801 7368х3000
8497х3020 х3636 18944х3960 х4095


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