ALBION XL – agricultural trailer

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ALBION XL – two-axle tipping semi-trailer, with a volume of 26 m3 and load capacity of 18 t (26 t if the goods have density of more than 768 kg/m3), with modernized chassis and unloading through the opening taildoor, which can be mounted to tractors from 150 hp.


Albion_1.jpg — Faster unloading

Tipping platform is all-metal, made of steel, trough-shaped. Due to bent sides the body shape prevents "sticking" of goods in the area where side and bottom are joined, which facilitates unloading and makes it faster.

Albion_2.jpg — Convenient taildoor

The platform is fitted with an opening taildoor with hydraulic drive. Taildoor opens to an angle of 90° and upon customer’s request it may has a metering hole with gate.

There is a reliable locking system in closed condition.

Albion_4.jpg — Versatile mounting

The ALBION XL is equipped with support with hydraulically adjustable drawbar, which facilitates coupling with tractors of various traction classes and tires of different sizes.

Albion_5.jpg — Improved chassis

Flotation tires allow to achieve minimum ground pressure, as well as maximum productivity and efficiency of work on various types of soils, even with a high level of moisture.

For hard-surfaced roads the trailer can be assembled with tires of different type and dimension.

Albion_3.jpg — Safety

Lighting equipment is covered to protect from damage and at the same time there is a free access during maintenance.

Albion.jpg — Additional protection

Hoses and pipes of hydraulic and brake systems are mounted in a protective cover under the frame, which provides reliable protection and free access to all elements.

Full weight of loaded trailer, kg 25 910
Weight of semi-trailer, kg 7 910
Capacity, kg 18 000 - 24 000
Force on drawbar of loaded trailer, kg 2400
Tractor power, hp min 150
Volume, м3
Axles, pcs 2
Brake system pneumatic
Tires BKT FL 630 Plus
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 8847 × 2620 × 3396


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