GULDEN – Subsoiler


GULDEN subsoiler is designed for complete two-level nonmoldboard cultivation instead of fall and spring tillage, chiselling on the slopes and leas, post-harvest loosening and seedbed preparation of stubble and mulch backgrounds, eroded soils, as well as for cultivation of the long-fallow and forage lands.

Application of the GULDEN subsoiler is a reasonable alternative to the conventional soil preparation technology, which allows to prepare seedbed in one pass.

Technological combination of several operations significantly saves resources. The implement can be effectively used in all periods of field works (for loosening or soil slitting), which significantly reduce costs for machine park.

Results of subsoiling:
• increased soil porosity in several times;
• enhanced microbiological processes, which improve soil nutrient status and circulation of elements;
• bigger amount of active roots in the loosened area;
• prevention of water-air erosion processes on slope lands.


Economy of time and recourses: one operation instead of three ones.

Gulden.jpg — Special frame design

Deltaic frame is made of shaped tube in the form of an isosceles triangle, which redistributes efforts and reduces loads on the frame.

Gulden_1.jpg — Two rows of tines – double soil cultivation

First row is designed for deep soil cultivation to the depth up to 45 cm. Second (additional row) is designed for intensive top mulching to the depth up to 25 cm.

Gulden_3.jpg — Simple depth adjustment

Adjustments of the working depth for the first and second rows are independent of each other. The depth is adjusted by pins on the roller mounting parallelogram for the front tines and on the rear tines mounting parallelogram.

Gulden_4.jpg — Advantages of self-cleaning roller with spikes

Subsoiler is equipped with doubled crowfoot roller for additional topsoil crushing and leveling of the field surface, and even distribution of crop residues. Spikes break large clods, thrown on the surface, prepare and level the soil, facilitating further final seedbed preparation. Rotating spikes embed crop residues into the lower layers of soil and mix them with soil at depth of 15-20 cm.

Gulden_2.jpg — Balance mounting of roller

Balance mounting of the doubled roller provides the constant contact of both rollers with the soil. The central screw allows to adjust the roller relatively to longitudinal plane

Gulden_5.jpg — Different tillage types by roller adjustment

Depending on the tillage purposes, rollers can be set for uniform work, or only front/rear roller can be accented. For this purpose the roller draught shall be adjusted.

Gulden_6.jpg — Premium class bearing unit

GULDEN is assembled with superreliable maintenance-free HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units. Application of high-quality German plain bearings prevents wear of the roller adjustment mechanism rotary units.

Gulden_7.jpg — Minimal maintenance

Compound plane bearings provide reliable work for a long period of time. Compound plane bearings are maintenance-free, which significantly reduces required number of lubrication points. In fact, lubricant shall be applied only for flanged bearing units of the roller.

Gulden_8.jpg — Using as chisel plough

When working with a large amount of crop residues rear row of shares can be lifted up. Front shares will perform deep subsoiling with destruction of compacted areas with no blockage of the unit. So, GULDEN can be used both as two-level subsoiler and chisel plough.


Booklet Subsoilers

GULDEN – subsoiler for complete deep cultivation (extensional and deep loosening) with duration of the agronomic effect of 3-4 years.

Working width, m 4
Tractor power, hp min 350
Coupling with tractor mounted
Basic weight, kg 2678 +- 40
Number of discs front row - 7; rear row - 6
Operating depth, cm front row up to 45 cm; rear row up to 25 cm
Operating speed, km/h 8...12
Efficiency, ha/h till 3,58
Fuel consumption, l/ha 10...18
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 4344х4054х2053


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