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The LIRA XS spring harrow is used for harrowing the soil, and to destroy the soil crust, especially on heavy, watery soils. 

When processing in the upper soil layer, the system of capillary bonds is broken, a loose mulching layer is created that protects the soil from drying out. 

LIRA XS is heavily used for early spring harrowing, as well as for pre-emergence and postemergence harrowing.


ЛИРА XS угл.jpg — Central adjustment of the attack angle of the teeth

By means of simple adjustment with the help of the lever, sprung teeth can be adjusted for gentle or aggressive processing. The aggressiveness of the teeth is regulated centrally. The angle of attack can be adjusted in a wide range from 200 to 900 degrees.

ЛИРА XS 2.jpg

— Thorough tillage

The working section has a width of 1.5 m and 60 teeth. The distance between the teeth is 25 mm. 

The teeth are firmly fixed without the risk of skewing and turning during operation. 

Thanks to lateral vibration of the spring teeth, in combination with a speed (10 to 15 km/h), covering surface tillage is performed.

ЛИРА XS 3.jpg — Extended work life of teeth

As standard option, the machine has a spring tooth with a diameter of 7 mm and a tooth length of 510 mm. 

But as per customer request, the machine can be equipped with a spring of 6 mm and 8 mm. 

The special processing of the teeth guarantees an extended service life (1.5-2 times higher than that of the competitors).

ЛИРА XS 4.jpg — Simple adjustment of the machine work height

The support wheels are height-adjustable, which allows to adjust the working height of the machine. 

When working on tramlines or when moving a tractor with a machine along the rows, stepless adjustment of the track width of the support wheels is possible in the range from 1.4 m to 2.1 m. 

лира транспорт 1.jpg — Safe and easy transportation

Harrow sections fold hydraulically into transport position right from the tractor cab. Due to the original folding system, the machine has a transport width of 3 m. 

To increase the safety of transportation, reflective shields are installed as a standard option along with the set of lighting equipment.

СЕКЦИЯ.jpg — Field copying system

Sections are mounted in front on a swinging balancer, which allows to copy the topography of the soil, and also guarantees a smooth ride, especially with a large width of the harrow.


Carrying out pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing can reduce weediness of crops by 85-95%, which is especially important when applied without the herbicidal technology of growing crops. 

With the timely use of the machine, small weeds in the white filament stage, break out, and stronger cultivated plants remain intact. 

LIRA XS can also be used for caring for meadows: for destroying mole passages and loosening the turf.

Working width, m 6 9 15 24
Tractor power, hp min 60 min 80 min 80 min 130
Coupling with tractor trailed trailed semi-trailed semi-trailed
Basic weight, kg 765 1088 2250 3460
Teeth spacing, mm 25 25 25 25
Teeth tilt angle, ° 0; 20; 32,5; 45; 57,5; 90 0; 20; 32,5; 45; 57,5; 90 0; 20; 32,5; 45; 57,5; 90 0; 20; 32,5; 45; 57,5; 90
Diameter of a spring tooth, mm 6/7/8 6/7/8 6/7/8 6/7/8
Operating depth, cm 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10
Operating speed, km/h 8-15 8-15 8-15 8-15
Efficiency, ha/h max 7,2 max 10,8 max 15,7 max 25,2
Fuel consumption, l/ha max 2 max 2 max 2 max 2
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 2204 х 3000 х 2051 2199 х 3000 х 3511 10455х3710 х3500 17170х4400 х3500


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