SANTIM - Inter-row cultivator

The main task of the inter-row cultivator is the inter-row cultivation and the weeds destruction in a wide range of crops. Until recently, many farms still preferred herbicides to achieve this task, but with the organic farming increasingly becoming the overwhelming trend, the mechanical weed control is gaining popularity.

The inter-row cultivator SANTIM with changeable row spacing from 30 to 75 cm is designed for inter-row cultivation of a wide range of crops: corn, sunflower, soy, sugar beets, peas, beans, etc. Also, the cultivator perfectly works on very wet soil without it sticking on its blades.

With SANTIM you can easily make the plant root system accessible to air, mechanically destroy weeds in between rows and carry out targeted spraying of plants in the rows. As a result, you benefit both from the chemicals and money savings.

One of the options is to equip the cultivator with a highprecision liquid-fertilizer and plant-protection injection system. 

The implement embodies a variety of proprietary solutions and fully meets the requirements of modern agriculture.


santim_03Лапки.jpg — Working tools

The working tools include: 32x12 mm spring tines equipped with 150 mm/200 mm wide duckfoot shares. 

Upon request the unit can be equipped with 250 mm wide shares or 55 mm wide chisel shares..

santim_04.jpg — Spring tine benefits

The spring tine of SANTIM ensures: 

• reduction of the draft resistance and fuel consumption by at least 20%; 

• uniform cultivation depth due to the prevention of the entire unit deepening when hitting an obstacle; 

• self-cleaning of the working tools during the work process, which allows to work effectively on wet soil.

santim_06.jpg — Cultivation depth adjustment

Parallelogram depth maintaining on each row. Setting of the working depth with an adjustable spindle.

santim_01.jpg — Additional soil loosening

For additional loosening in the middle of the rows or sowing strips, the implement is additionally equipped with sections with a finger-type hoe.

santim_07.jpg — Plants protection from cutting

The automatic adjustment system with iron (or rubber) tracing wheels allows the cultivator to accurately follow the tractor and carry out cultivation very close to the rows without “cutting” the plants. Protective guards on the bearing support ensure reliable protection of crop plants from cutting (optionally).

santim_08Бочка.jpg — Simultaneous nutrition

It is possible to install a pneumatic or mechanical hopper for fertilizers application (optionally)..

Liquid fertilizers application system

The liquid fertilizers application system is a complex of innovative equipment, which makes it possible to purposefully and accurately apply liquid fertilizers directly to the seed bed or to another zone of its effective action.

The system is easily mounted on SANTIM and works independently without interference with the electric or hydraulic liquid dosing system. 

The wiring of the unit is made of materials resistant to aggressive solutions (lines of stainless steel and polyamide tubes). 

Each of the distribution system outputs supplies liquid to the seed bed or near the plant root, and by means of a nozzle with an opening with a diameter of 0,6 mm – 2,5 mm the liquid is accurately supplied under pressure to the seeds (or to another zone, depending on the technology). 

In the future, the system can be equipped with control system over the outflow (clogging) of each nozzle. This will make it possible to control not only clogging of nozzles, but also to check the uniformity of liquid application over the entire width of the unit in automatic mode.

система внесения.jpg


The distribution unit, which is located on the unit, includes the electronic flow control boards, GPS, GPRS and Wi-Fi modules. 

It supports the operation of four electric pumps simultaneously, both in parallel and serial connection. 

Electric pump. Power is selected based on the needs of the customer. The system makes it possible to work with a rate from 5 l/ha to 300 l/ha. 

Wireless control system – a mobile device with software of the customer’s choice (smartphone or tablet).

Control and software

The amount of application norm is set and adjusted using a mobile device, for example smartphone or tablet with the Android or IOS operating system. The advantages of this system are the absence of cables from the tractor to the implement, which makes it possible to simplify the system quite significantly and speak confidently about high reliability and uninterrupted operation.

Due to software, this system automatically monitors and regulates compliance with a given rate of application, depending on the unit speed.

The software installed on the mobile device allows:

• to dose and comply with the fertilizer application rate from 5 to 300 l/ha; 

• to display the unit speed and the norm for a certain period of time (l/min, l/day), by getting data about the unit speed and its width; 

• to count cultivated hectares per day and the total number of cultivated hectares; 

• to display working time; 

• to save up to 10 programmed application rates; 

• to quickly change the application rate during operatio.


Working width, m 6,4 9,2; 12,4
Tractor power, hp
min 80 (60) min 100 (75) min 140 (105)
Coupling with tractor mounted semi-mounted semi-mounted
Working speed, km/h 8-10 8-10 8-10
Transport speed, km/h
20 20 20
Number of working sections, pcs
9 13 17
Inter-row distance, cm
45—92 45—92 45—92
Distance from support area to the bottom area, mm
640 640 640
Productivity, ha/h
6 9 12
Cultivation depth, cm
3-10 3-10 3-10
Ground clearance, mm min 300 min 300 min 300
Overall dimensions in transport position (length, width, height), mm 2100 х 3000 х 3311
5100 х 3000 х 3900
7000 х 3000 х 3900
Overall dimensions in work position (length, width, height), mm 2100×6450 ×1800
5100 х 9250 х 1800
7000 х 12450 х 1800


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