LIRA XL – Heavy tooth harrow


The base of LIRA-ХL is a frame with five rows of teeth, which are 16 mm in diameter and 762 mm in height, mounted on a parallelogram.

One of the unique features of the LIRA-ХL is possibility to perform 5 different operations in one pass. For example, simultaneously early spring harrowing and loosening of topsoil to a depth of 2-10 cm:

• keep moisture;
• encourage germination of weeds to be destroyed then;
• level the soil and prepare it for seeding;
• incorporate fertilizers and pesticides;
• uniformly distribute stubble remains.


A number of design solutions increases efficiency of the LIRA-XL harrow up to 25 ha/h.

Lira_XL.jpg — Suspension of work sections

Parallelogram suspension of separate work sections allows to keep contact with a rough soil. It provides perfect contour following alongside the whole section width and uniform distribution of load per each spring block

Lira_XL_1.jpg — Teeth angle adjustment

Attack angle can be adjusted through the whole section within limits 45-90˚.

Lira_XL_2.jpg — Controlled pressure on the soil

Eliminates undesirable vibrations of sections (bouncing) at high speed due to spring block.

The adjustable pressure of the work section springs on the soil is 400-860 kg.

Lira_XL_3.jpg — Cable tightening of sections

Flexible cables allow to simplify design of the harrow. They provide perfect turning maneuvering and contour following alongside the whole harrow width.

Lira_XL_6.jpg — Durable tooth

Spring tooth is made of high quality special steel with double hardening. The tooth diameter is 16 mm, but due to innovative technology the wear resistance is increased in two-three times with a high strength in an area subject to the torque stresses

Lira_XL_4.jpg — Forged cross

Forged crosses provide stable durability and reliability compared to welded ones, with no regard to human factor.

Lira_XL_5.jpg — Folding

Fast folding in transport position and back.

Transport wheels are designed for public roads and have adjustable turn angle, which ensures better maneuvering when moving or folding/unfolding.



Parallelogram suspension of separate work sections allows to keep contact with a rough soil and provide uniform soil thickness and seeds incorporation.

Working width, m 15 21
Tractor power, hp min. 160 min. 300
Coupling with tractor trailed trailed
Basic weight, kg 6000 7900
Teeth spacing, mm 60 60
 Teeth tilt angle, °  45-90 45-90
 Diameter of a spring tooth, mm      16 16    
Operating depth, cm 2-10 2-10
Operating speed, km/h max 15 max 15
Efficiency, ha/h max. 18 max. 25,5
Fuel consumption, l/ha  2-3 2-3
 Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 13160 × 4012 × 3995
16160 × 4012 × 3995


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