Viktor Sandul, Director of Niva company, Vinnitsya region

All machinery at my farm is imported, high-quality, expensive, from the world leading manufacturers. We used to high-quality and highly-performance machinery. The LIRA fully meets my requirements – it is not inferior to Canadian analogues: good design, assembly, endurable teeth.

Oleg Belous, Chief Engineer, Agrotechservice, Kharkiv region

When choosing a harrow, we were advised to buy LIRA, because of durable spring teeth. The harrow has worked 2 seasons very well, there are no complaints. We did no maintenance and repairs during work.


The LIRA tooth harrow was developed and launched into production in the late 90s and still (for more than 15 years!) LIRA is the most popular harrow in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Akeksandr Belik, Mayak, Kharkiv region

I have DUCAT-5 disc harrow and LIRA-24 spring harrow. I’m satisfied with the work of both units. Service work is very good, there were no problems with changing of tines. As a result, the aggregates have been working the third season, and they cope with a soil very well.