ALBION XL – agricultural trailer

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A project on joint manufacture of innovative agricultural trailers with the British company Larrington Trailers was recently presented by LOZOVA MACHINERY. In particular, there was presented one of the best examples of British engineering – the Harvester trailer, which provides reliable and safe operation, as well as gentle transportation and unloading of goods.

After the extensive design work, adaptation to Ukrainian conditions and roads, preparation of production facilities, we are finally glad to present ALBION XL –two-axle tipping semi-trailer, with a volume of 26 m3 and load capacity of 18 t (26 t if the goods have density of more than 768 kg/m3), with modernized chassis and unloading through the opening taildoor, which can be mounted to tractors from 150 hp.


Albion_1.jpg — Faster unloading

Tipping platform is all-metal, made of steel, trough-shaped. Due to bent sides the body shape prevents "sticking" of goods in the area where side and bottom are joined, which facilitates unloading and makes it faster.

Albion_2.jpg — Convenient taildoor

The platform is fitted with an opening taildoor with hydraulic drive. Taildoor opens to an angle of 90° and upon customer’s request it may has a metering hole with gate.

There is a reliable locking system in closed condition.

Albion_4.jpg — Versatile mounting

The ALBION XL6 is equipped with support with hydraulically adjustable drawbar, which facilitates coupling with tractors of various traction classes and tires of different sizes.

Albion_5.jpg — Improved chassis

Flotation tires allow to achieve minimum ground pressure, as well as maximum productivity and efficiency of work on various types of soils, even with a high level of moisture.

For hard-surfaced roads the trailer can be assembled with tires of different type and dimension.

Albion_3.jpg — Safety

Lighting equipment is covered to protect from damage and at the same time there is a free access during maintenance.

Albion.jpg — Additional protection

Hoses and pipes of hydraulic and brake systems are mounted in a protective cover under the frame, which provides reliable protection and free access to all elements.

Full weight of loaded trailer, kg 25 910
Weight of semi-trailer, kg 7 910
Capacity, kg 18 000 - 24 000
Force on drawbar of loaded trailer, kg 2400
Tractor power, hp min 150
Volume, м3
Axles, pcs 2
Brake system pneumatic
Tires BKT FL 630 Plus
Overall dimensions (length х width х height), mm 8847 × 2620 × 3396



Send your request to Agricultural Division of the UPEC Group (official exclusive distributor – UPEC TRADING LLC) or to our dealers in Ukraine and abroad.

How to order
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