FLORIN - Культиватор полевой

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The cultivator is used for overall seedbed cultivation after spring or autumn tillage with final cultivation for seeding grain, industrial and fodder crops

It levels, loosens and breaks the soil. 

Allows to prepare a seedbed at precise depth, shuts-off moisture, and applies the mineral fertilizers.

• seedbed preparation both on plowed soil and stubble
• light stubble cultivation;
• destruction of weeds;
• application of fertilizers

Application of beams with cutting discs and chopping rollers allows to use the cultivator for ploughing of light stubble and mulching of crop residues.

Flexible approach to the unit package for each specific farm


стр6.1.jpg — Possibility of working on stubble

Chopping roller is used for pre-crushing of stubble has blades made of boron steel for super-floatation on the stubble.

стр6.2.jpg — Additional cutting discs

The edge of each cutting turbo-disc enters the soil perpendicularly to the surface, providing the best longitudinal crushing of stubble.

стр6.3.jpg — Packing roller, tooth harrow

The original design of the roller does not have a central axis, so the roller is not clogged even in wet soil and foul field conditions. 

The spring tooth is made of high-quality stainless steel with a special double heat treatment. 

The resource of LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth is three times higher than that of other manufacturers.

стр6.4.jpg — Unique frame

One of the longest frames in its class is designed for operation without clogging. Soil, crop residues and chemicals are evenly mixed and distributed over the entire width of the unit and the depth of soil cultivation.

The distance between the rows of racks is 850 mm. 

The distance between the first and last row of tines is 4050 mm.

стр6.5.jpg — Three options of tines

There are three options of tines: 

• spring tine with cross section 30 x30 

• spring-loaded tine of variable cross-section, which reduces resistance and power consumption 

• spring dampe.

стр6.6.jpg — Cultivation depth adjustment

It is necessary to ensure uniform cultivation depth to create an even seedbed layer. The necessary cultivation depth is maintained by the support wheels.


Working width, m 8
Tractor power, hp
min 200
Coupling with tractor semi-trailed
Weight (depending on configuration), kg
5680 - 7460
Number of tines, pcs.
Number of working shares, pcs.
Operating depth, cm
3 - 15
Operating speed, km/h 10 - 15
Efficiency, ha/h max 9
Fuel consumption, l/ha max 8
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 10387 х 3494 х 4293

How to order

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