LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the agricultural season at GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2022 exhibition

LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the agricultural season at GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2022 exhibition


On February 15-17, LOZOVA MACHINERY opened the agricultural season at the international agro-industrial exhibition “AgroSpring. Grain Technologies 2022”, and presented original agricultural machinery, where new ideas and solutions are implemented.

Today, farmers expect the machinery to be reliable, highly productive, cost-efficient and easy maintainable. The exposition of LOZOVA MACHINERY included current models with innovative technologies, with embedded high efficiency of tillage while saving fuel.


This year, LOZOVA MACHINERY presented an updated LARI drag harrow. This model is essential in spring: it is used in the field first, even on the wettest soil at the right time for farmers, it closes the moisture and creates a perfectly flat field. As chief designer, Oleksii Grinenko, noted, the upgraded model has become more ergonomic in operation and compact in the transportation position (3 meters). Also, the updates include the hydraulic control of the transport lock and transport wheels, the division of the front boom for the installation of containers for granular and liquid fertilizers.


Supporters of organic farming liked LIRA XS light spring-tine harrow, a real “mechanical herbicide” that reduces the infestation of crops with weeds by 85-95%. The machine performs gentle tillage during early spring harrowing.

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The lightest rotary harrow on the market, DINAR, is also presented on the LOZOVA MACHINERY booth. Farmers noted that now you don’t particularly see light, highly productive implements, therefore DINAR invariably catches the eye. Lightweight (weight of a 6-meter harrow is less than a ton, and a 12-meter harrow is a little more than 2 tons), fast (speed up to 20 km/h), work with tractors from 80 HP, ZERO MAINTENANCE principle, productive and reliable, work carefully even with high seedlings (up to 20 cm) on all types of soil – these are just some of the advantages of DINAR rotary harrows.


The SPRAYMARC sprayer impressed the guests of the booth with its high-tech design and ease of operation using the modern Bravo-400 computer system, which automatically maintains the liquid application rate when the tractor speed changes. The volume of the tank is 3000 litres, the width of the boom is 24 meters, which significantly increases the productivity of spraying, while the implement is distinguished by easy manoeuvring and accurate tracking of the terrain.

A number of productive negotiations were held at the exhibition with the partners who are leading players in the agricultural business. We discussed trends in the domestic and foreign markets, a development strategy in an unstable economic environment.  

“This year the brand is planning and setting goals to reach new heights. Despite the unstable behaviour of the market as a whole, currency fluctuations and other crisis moments, the company predicts an increase in sales, as it has prepared a number of new products and the modernization of traditional models that have been tested by time and practice”, said the company’s President, Roman Girshfeld.

This year, the company has already launched new products with improved design and functionality, developed with consumer needs in mind.

These are LIRA M spring-tine harrows, LIRA XS light spring harrows, new stubble tillage implements – DUCAT RST chopping rotary cutter and DUCAT UVT vertical harrow.


In the same year, sales of the IMPERIAL swing ploughs, the KELT XXL tractor semi-trailer, and the SOVEREIGN liquid fertilizer applicator will start.



“Successfully overcoming obstacles and achieving results, we develop and grow. We never rest on our laurels. Our way is to delight and surprise our customers, adhering to the main values ​​of the brand: customer focus, reliability, precision and energy efficiency, which are harmoniously combined in the units by LOZOVA MACHINERY,” summed up Roman Girshfeld.


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