LOZOVA MACHINERY starts the season at GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2022 exhibition

LOZOVA MACHINERY starts the season at GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2022 exhibition


LOZOVA MACHINERY will be welcoming agri-spring at the International Exhibition of Innovative Agricultural Solutions “Grain Technologies-2022”. The event will be held on February 15-17 in Kiev.

The Ukrainian brand is preparing topical solutions for successful farming for the visitors.

Undoubtedly, it is worth opening a new field season with high-quality seedbed preparation. The early spring range of machines will be presented at the exhibition by the renewed LARI-12 coulter-harrow. These machines are indispensable in spring – they are the first to go into the field on any, even the wettest, soil. Today, LARI coulter-harrows are among the most popular machines on the market. At the LOZOVA MACHINERY booth you will be able to see the modernised solutions implemented in the harrow.


For supporters of organic farming, the LIRA XS light spike harrow will be of interest. It is a real “mechanical herbicide”, reducing crop weed infestation by 85-95%! The machine specialises in gentle early spring harrowing.


The lightest rotary harrow on the market, the DINAR, will also be available to visitors at LOZOVA MACHINERY as an exhibit. With a working width of 6 metres, this multi-purpose machine works with tractors from 80 hp. The rotary harrow can also be used on tall sprouts of up to 20 cm; it handles grain, tilled and vegetable crops gently on all soil types. 

ДИНАР (2).jpg

Impeccable precision and manoeuvrability, lightweight and efficient, easy to operate – that’s what the 3000 litre tank-mounted SPRAYMARC trailed sprayer is all about. Visitors can find out more about it at the company’s booth. The sprayer is equipped with a computer system for automation with Bravo-400 GPS navigator, which provides automatic maintenance of the amount of liquid to be applied when the speed of the tractor changes.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

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