A novelty LOZOVA MACHINERY product – DUCAT UVT vertical harrow

A novelty LOZOVA MACHINERY product – DUCAT UVT vertical harrow

LOZOVA MACHINERY launches serial production of DUCAT UVT – vertical tillage harrows that use minimum verti-till technology.

Research has shown that the machine mulches plant residues in the best way and prevents the formation of compacted soil layers, also contributing to the formation of a high-quality soil structure, and provides an optimal water-air regime of the soil.


The main task of the machine is ultra-shallow stubble cultivation aimed at retaining moisture and provoking volunteer growth, pre-sowing preparation for sowing winter crops. The DUCAT UVT vertical harrow guarantees maximum mulching of crop residues and minimum tendency of the soil to form compacted layers.

The range includes models with operating widths of 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 m. The operating depth of DUCAT UVT is 2-10 cm. 


The working body is a turbo disc with a diameter of 574 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. Besides, the machine has a rear additional chopping roller.


The novelty is based on the DUCAT disc harrow. The DUCAT UVT frame design is adapted to corrugated discs. The main concept of LOZOVA MACHINERY – ZERO MAINTENANCE – is also implemented here: bearing assemblies of DUCAT UVT discs and rollers are completely maintenance-free, there is no lubrication point.


DUCAT UVT provides high-quality first stubble cultivation, and is additionally oriented for more efficient implementation of certain areas, namely, soil decompaction under conditions of reduced impact and gentle verti-till technology. The novelty can improve soil fertility and stop its degradation.      


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