Year-end results show that DUCAT disc harrows have become the most demanded in the Canadian market

Year-end results show that DUCAT disc harrows have become the most demanded in the Canadian market

Results 2021

The agricultural season in Canada has successfully ended for LOZOVA MACHINERY: DUCAT disc harrows sales rose 53%, with Ontario remaining the most active province in terms of sales for the year.

In 2021, the Company took part in the Expo-Champs exhibition near Montreal (this was the first exhibition in Canada since the lockdown in March 2020). As a result of the exhibition, the Ukrainian brand opened itself even more widely for the French-speaking Canada of the province of Quebec.


After analyzing the reviews of local farmers who successfully use LOZOVA MACHINERY disc harrows, we can highlight the TOP 10 main reasons for their being so popular in Canada.

  1. 1. High speed operation and performance.

The maximum operation speed is 17 km/h. Performance depends on the operating width – from 3 to 20 hectares/hour.

  1. 2. Time and fuel saver.

The sprung 3D-rack provides a decrease in the tractive resistance of the machine, due to which the fuel consumption is reduced by more than 20% and amounts to 4.5-5.5 l/ha.


  1. 3. It handles large amounts of crop residues with ease. 

  2. 4. Strength and simplicity of design.

  3. 5. Maintenance-free.

A distinctive feature of the DUCAT line (as well as of all LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment) is the ZERO SERVICE principle – the equipment needs no lubrication and other types of standard maintenance for the entire life cycle.

  1. 6. Works effectively on all types of soil: stony, clayey, viscous, overdried, etc.

  1. 7. It accurately maintains the required depth.

Harrows provide intensive mixing of soil and plant mass to a depth of 3 to 14 cm.

  1. 8. Operative parts have a high resource of work and never get blocked.

The premium 566 mm discs are self-cleaning, made of high quality hardened boron steel, and last twice as long as comparable discs. 


  1. 9. Complex maintenance and timely service support.

  2. 10. The cost is lower than that of world analogues.

In 2021, LOZOVA MACHINERY paid special attention to the development of service departments, increasing their engineering and technical potential, increasing their efficiency and functionality, both in Ukraine and in the service departments of foreign representatives of the Company. And this was repeatedly noted by the agrarians.

In 2022, LOZOVA MACHINERY plans to actively promote tooth and trail harrows to the North American market, since these machines are in demand in Canadian agriculture.

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