LOZOVA MACHINERY summed up the results of the year at the congress of dealers

LOZOVA MACHINERY summed up the results of the year at the congress of dealers

Results 2021

On December 9, a traditional meeting of official dealers of LOZOVA MACHINERY in Ukraine took place, where the partners summerized the results of their joint activities and discussed the brand promotion strategy for 2022.

“Strengthening cooperation with dealers, increasing the range of current agricultural machinery and introducing an updated service system are the basis of our future development. This is what we will devote our today’s meeting to,” said Roman Girshfeld, President of LOZOVA MACHINERY, when opening the conference.


Summing up the results of the outgoing year, the representatives of LOZOVA MACHINERY noted the Company’s active participation in specialized events. As part of the promotion program, the brand was presented at GRAIN TECHNOLOGIES-2021, AGRO-2021, AGROEXPO, numerous Field Days, as well as at specialized European and North American exhibitions. The traditional LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY took place with a large-scale demonstration of the main season premieres. 

In addition, the focus was on the research and development component of the Company. Throughout the year, LOZOVA MACHINERY carried out a number of successful multi-level studies and tests, the results of which were used to calculate the efficiency of the new units. 

The representatives of the brand emphasized that the Company is constantly engaged in new developments and updates. In particular, in 2021, the DINAR rotary harrow range expanded with lighter models. Moreover, the range of products offers the lightest rotary harrows on the market with a working width of 6-12 meters. A series of technology for organic farming has been presented by the LIRA XS spring harrows with a working width of 6 and 9 m. Besides, modified LIRA M harrows with a working width of 21 and 24 m have appeared.      

Chief Designer Oleksii Hrinenko presented the planned novelties for 2022 to the participants of the congress.

“New stubble cultivation units are already available for sale: rotary choppers DUCAT RST and vertical harrows DUCAT UVT. The lines include implements with working widths from 5 to 12 m. DUCAT RST is the best tool for chopping and splitting crop residues, and provoking volunteer seedlings. While DUCAT UVT guarantees maximum mulching of crop residues and minimum tendency of the soil to form compacted layers. We are also entering the plow production niche. And we are already preparing for the serial production of our IMPERIAL reversible plows with a maximum number of pairs of bodies 7 + 1”, Oleksii Hrinenko announced the plans.   

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The range of tooth harrows is significantly expanding: models with a working width of 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 m will add to the LIRA XS line of light spring-tine harrows. The LIRA M series of medium spring-tine harrows will also be equipped with options with a working width of 12, 15, and 18 m.  

“At this year’s FIELD DAY, we intrigued all the guests with our new trend – the SOVEREIGN injection feeder. It offers maximum performance. We are preparing units with a working width of 12 m, 15 m, 18 m and a maximum of 21 m for production. In 2022 we forecast an active demand for the new product,” added Roman Girshfeld.

As part of the presentation of the New Commercial Policy for 2022, the participants discussed an updated service system, which is designed to speed up direct feedback from the client, improve the procedure for commissioning equipment, and improve the qualifications of service specialists.


“We can see how serious, competent professionals Ukrainian agrarians are becoming. They use high-tech solutions and the latest achievements in agronomy. Therefore, together with you, our official dealers, we must provide consumers with innovative and efficient technology,” concluded the President of LOZOVA MACHINERY.      

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