Культиватор прицепной предпосевной обработки «Червонец»

Zelenaya Energiya Agro in Odessa Region is a young and perspective farming, which is increasing and developing and directed by Aleksander Bubelich. The farming is actively expanding and gradually replenishing the arsenal of new agricultural machinery. The main production direction of the farming is growing of wheat, sunflower, barley and peas.
Today the area of the farm is 800 hectares. For the last three years 21 units of equipment were purchased for the farming. One of the latest purchasing became CHERVONETS trailed seedbed cultivator.

According to Aleksander words, firstly he looked out the implement with working width of 8 m and contemplated several similar variants, including models of French KUNH, American СASE and Ukrainian «LOZOVA MACHINERY». The choice was made in favor of the domestic producer.

«I saw CHERVONETS of LOZOVA MACHINERY several times at the exhibitions», – explains his choice Aleksander. – «Therefore, the decision was made quickly and weighed on the base of technical and financial reasons. Previous years I rented a cultivator from another farmer. First of all, I have to wait for my turn, as at first he tills his fields. Secondly, I considered that it is more profitable to buy own implement and not to depend on anybody and the price for rental». This spring the cultivator has already worked on the field.

«It works perfectly and has almost done the first track of cultivation. I am satisfied with its work, - shares the farmer the emotions. - It performs all the necessary operations: copes with the tillage and loosening of the soil, cuts down the weeds, and smooth the surface of the field perfectly. And the most important, it does everything quickly! What ordinary KPS complete for two or three passes, CHERVONETS does at once. We will get optimally prepared soil for the second track, what land leveler at the cost of USD 85 thousands can do. But I didn’t pay for my cultivator this sum. Thus, it was the best price offer with a set of multi-tasking implement for us».

The farmer also noted that the purchase of CHERVONETS justifies itself, as it presented itself well. It isn’t clogged and works perfectly on the over-wetted soil, respectively, there is almost no sticking and clogging of the implement working tools.

He added that while others complain about the economic situation in the country, they look forward, work, buy reliable equipment from proven producers and are ready to get a positive result and good harvest.

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