The land resource is a key factor in the agrarian business. Today, the soil is used very intensively, so there is a risk of its depletion. The farmers face the main task – to tillage the soil with the minimum damage and get the maximum profit. The high-quality and reliable agricultural machinery is needed for this mission.


The quality, energy-efficiency, high productivity, durability and reliability – all these notions describe CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator of LOZOVA MACHINERY. Its versatility allows to carry out loosening of soil at depth of 3-15 cm, incorporating of mineral and organic fertilizers, providing the second stubble cultivation and destruction of weeds germination, and also soil smoothing.

The efficient tillage by CHERVONETS is achieved due to a number of design advantages. The implement has multi-functional leveling bars which smooth the backs on the field and create favourable conditions for water-air regime in the soil. Taking into account these design solutions, we can say that machinery is designed with a high percentage of intellectual component.

CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator creates perfect seedbed – compacted layer, covered with well-loosened soil on the top (ridgeness of the field surface – up to 3 cm, soil crumbling – not less than 80%). The implement is efficient on the small as well as large areas. There are two staggered rollers of different diameters, rotating at different speeds.

This allows to avoid non-cultivated areas during the packing of soil and provides smaller soil crumbling. Often it happens that working tools of tillage machinery become clogged with soil and stubble remains. The LOZOVA MACHINERY designers have eliminated this problem. The roller doesn't have central axis, so there is no clogging even in the overwetted conditions. With working width of 8 m and working speed up to 15 km/h CHERVONETS passes up to 12 ha/h, thus considerably saves fuel consumption (it spends 3-5 l/ha in contrast to machinery of other domestic manufacturers which spend 5-8 l/ha ).

The farmers, who have already tested CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator on their fields, are satisfied with it. Aleksandr Bubelich, director of PE Zelenaya Energiya Agro (Belyaevka, Odessa Region), has been using LOZOVA MACHINERY cultivator for two years and admires the speed and economy of fuel consumption.

«This cultivator prepared about 500 ha for seeding. Even under wet conditions, it cultivates the soil with quality, perfectly following the ground contours. The weeds and moisture aren't a problem. The cultivator shows good productivity and there is no problems with the working tools. For two years of exploitation, CHERVONETS proved its reliability and efficiency», – commented Aleksandr Bubelich.

CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator is one of the best solutions for modern energy efficient tillage. It provides soil proper care, perfect seedbed and heavy yields for farmers.

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