Kharkov Bearing Plant HARP is the CIS leader in the manufacture of bearings for more than 60 years, and the HARP bearings are branded components, with quality guaranteed by own engineering developments, extremely precise technologies of manufacturing and assembly, metal conforming to the most stringent standards and certification.

The best bearing for agricultural machinery - with the sealing of increased tightness X-SHIELD

For more than 60 years the plant works for the agricultural market, studying and taking into consideration all the nuances and requirements for agricultural machinery. When developing new bearings there are considered conditions of the machinery operation, as well as structural modifications in the machinery of the CIS leading machine-building enterprises.

Today, the plant mass-produces the bearing for agricultural machinery under the brand name HARP-AGRO, several types of which are assembled with improved sealing of increased tightness X-SHIELD (our own patent). Such bearings have the additional index K10 in the bearing’s designation.


It’s not a secret for anybody that agriculture machinery mostly operates in a hostile environment with dust, dirt and moisture. That’s why bearings for combine harvesters and tractors should have a higher tightness in comparison with other machines.

The better the bearing is protected with a sealing, the longer it’s durability.

X-SHIELD sealing allows the bearing, contacting with the dusty environment, to operate effectively even in extreme conditions of agricultural machinery exploitation and increases the service life of products.


HARP-AGRO bearings with X-SHIELD sealing feature with improved seal design, which ensures not only the increased tightness of the bearing, but also protection against external mechanical impact. The outer side of the K10 sealing is metal, thereby straw moving during operation of the harvester can not damage the sealing or get into the inner cavity of the bearing and prevent its normal operation.


HARP bearings with X-SHIELD can be manufactured either with steel stamped cages or polyamide ones. Elasticity and light weight of polyamide cages positively affect the performance of bearings under shock loads, acceleration and braking, as well as at the mutual misalignment of rings. Polyamide cages have high friction and wear properties.


Reliability of HARP-AGRO bearings has been praised by leading CIS agricultural manufacturers, among which are: ROSTSELMASH combines — grain combines Acros, Torum, Vector, Niva; forage RSM, DON; agricultural machinery GOMSELMASH — PALESSE (forage, grain, sugar beet, potato harvesters, reapers); agriculture machinery BOBRUISKAGROMASH. HARP Bearings are chosen by the MINSK TRACTOR PLANT, BORISOV PLANT OF AGGREGATES, BOBRUISK PLANT OF TRACTOR PARTS AND UNITS, and by automotive plants: ZAZ, MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT, KAMAZ, AvtoKrAZ and GAS.

Using HARP-AGRO bearings with X-SHIELD seal you protect yourself from damages and costly repairs of agricultural machinery that is especially important in the seasonal harvest.

Kharkov Bearing Plant HARP is the CIS leader in manufacture of bearings for agricultural machinery engineering companies and a key supplier to transport machine engineering and railway industries. HARP products are also applied in the automotive, mining and electro-technical industries, as well as in mining-metallurgical complex.

With Ukraine's largest park of CNC machines, the plant develops annually more than 15 new types of bearings.

You can learn more about product range in the catalogue "HARP-AGRO bearings and bearing units " or download nomenclature

About X-SHIELD brand read here

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