CROWN – No-till unit

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Perfectly smooth field

Application of the CROWN no-till unit allows to transform conventional seed drill into no-till drill with minimum investments, making possible its application for conventional, min-till and no-till technologies.

Agricultural aggregate consisting of the CROWN no-till unit and conventional trailed seed drill (SZ 3,4; 5,6 or other) cultivates the soil strips with fluted discs in one pass and drills seeds with disc coulters. Fluted discs improve soil structure rate minimum in 1,9 times.

CROWN is designed for cutting of crop residues and moving them aside to facilitate work of the disc coulters of conventional seed drills, as well as for local soil cultivation and creation of U-shaped groove with width up to 4 cm.


V. Dokuchaev Kharkiv National Agrarian University has analyzed foreign and domestic no-till seed drills and concluded that all they don’t provide uniform seeds incorporation in depth. And seed bed preparation requires a lot of energy. CROWN unit is designed to solve this problem.

Krona_3.jpg — Precise work on turns

Design of CROWN provides precise work of coulters, following the cutting discs, even when turning;

Krona_4.jpg — Effective fluted discs

Working tool of CROWN is fluted disc made of high-quality hardened boron steel, which provides local soil cultivation and creation of U-shaped groove with width up to 4 cm.

Krona_4.jpg — 3D-protection of working tools

Fluted discs are mounted on the individual tines with 3D spring protection, which allows the disc to move upward in order to prevent breakage when hitting the obstacle.

Vertical pressure on a disc is up to 200 kg.

Krona_2.jpg — Reliable bearing units

Modern HARP AGRO UNIT bearing unit with three-level protection (cutter, cassette seal, lip seal) is maintenance-free for entire service life. HARP AGRO UNIT is spare part with long-term no-failure operation and increased durability.

Krona.jpg — Accurate suspension

Parallelogram suspension of the hitch beam keeps a coupling link at height of 400 mm in working and transport position of no-till unit.


V. Dokuchaev Kharkiv National Agrarian University received good results after many years of field testing of the CROWN unit with domestic seed drills SZ-3,6.


Working width, m 3,6 5,4
Tractor power, hp min. 80 min. 150
Coupling with tractor semi-mounted semi-mounted
Basic weight, kg 1921 2786
Rows number       24 36    
Row spacing, cm       15 15    
Operating depth, cm 3...8 3...8
Operating speed, km/h 6...12 6...12
Efficiency, ha/h до 3,24 до 4,80
Fuel consumption, l/ha 5,5...7,5 5,5...7,5
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 4764х3732х1800 5612х4353х3000

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