Those representing LOZOVA MACHINERY on the foreign market

Those representing LOZOVA MACHINERY on the foreign market

Our team

We continue our series of stories about the reliable and professional LOZOVA MACHINERY team. Not so long ago, we talked about the employees of the Sales Department, briefly mentioning the branch of Foreign Trade, which is to be described in more detail.

The farmers of not only Europe and the CIS, but also overseas know, welcome and love LOZOVA MACHINERY agricultural equipment. A lot of work has been done to get firmly established in the international market. Therefore, let's dwell upon the Department of Foreign Economic Activity in more detail ... Who are these people who will find a common language with every farmer in the world?

Foreign trade managers of the Company are universal soldiers, specialists with expertise in international logistics, customs, permits, financial instruments, legal subtleties and, of course, sales.


The Foreign Economic Activity domain is led by Roman Girshfeld, President of LOZOVA MACHINERY. His diversified experience of working abroad, in various markets, allows him to determine the goals and directions of brand development with maximum efficiency.


Some employees are responsible for one specific market, while there is a person who combines all the components into one whole and coordinates all operations related to the company's foreign economic activity. This person is Oleksandra Vlasova. For an average person, it is very easy to get lost in such a flow of information, but this is not about Oleksandra. Everyone can envy her self-control and calmness.


Aliona Nikiforuk is developing the European direction. Her performance is influenced by her positive attitude, confidence and organization. The European market is wide and varied. You need to be the most collected specialist of a wide profile in order to "sort out" any situation, especially if it is another country with its own market and agricultural culture, traditions and currency.


And Serhii Palagnyuk is now overseas to successfully represent the company in Canada as the Director of LOZOVA MACHINERY INC. Serhii does not accept the word “impossible”. In order to deliver equipment from Ukraine to North America, the nerves and control at every stage are of utter importance for LOZOVA MACHINERY units to work efficiently for every overseas farmer.


Do you remember the Head of the Sales Department for the CIS countries Oleksii Belenko? Speaking of this person, we can say for sure that he can be in time absolutely everywhere. His task is to search for foreign customers, establish communication with everyone, agree on the terms of the deal, conclude an agreement, control payment, draw up documents, organize the delivery of equipment, declare it at customs, organize its commissioning ... And the CIS countries break new ground for activities in which Oleksii takes to them like a duck to water.


It is also worth mentioning one point in the work that all Sales Managers, especially Foreign Economic Activity ones, should love … these are business trips to find new partners and clients, participation in specialized exhibitions, seminars, presentations, and conferences.

Foreign trade employees at LOZOVA MACHINERY are people you can rely on and trust to represent the Company on the world stage; they are the people who work hard and are constantly improving themselves. Thank you for making the company even better!

Announcement: next part will tell you about the wonderful employees of our service.


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